3 Boys & A Bar of Soap

Introducing 3B&BY's first subsidiary... 3 Boys & A Bar of Soap!

Rather unexpectedly I have found myself exploring the art of making hand crafted soaps. What started as an answer to teachers gifts from the "3 Boys," has turned in to a whirlwind of encouragement from friends wanting me to make soap for them too.
I am humbled.
The following are examples of the hand crafted soaps I make. I use only detergent-free soap base, which means they do not contain synthetic detergents or parabens. They have excellent skincare performance with 100% of the lather produced from saponification of natural oils producing real soap.

Christmas Kisses. Layers of cinnamon and vanilla buttercream with just a hint of O' Christmas tree. Embedded with lips. Topped with hearts. Goat's milk & glycerin soap base.

Christmas Spirit. Layers of real cinnamon sticks & citrus peels. Scented with cinnamon candies, pink grapefruit & just a splash of cranberry orange.

Gingerbread Ribbon Candy. A fresh gingerbread cookie embedded among layers of fruity flavored ribbon candy. Topped with a fruity fresh piece of sparkling ribbon candy soap.

Field of Christmas Dreams. Layers of red, green and white scented with peppermint and O' Christmas tree. Embedded with green sparkle Christmas tree & sprinkled with red glitter.

Santa's Sugar Scrub.  Layers of red and green brown sugar with olive oil & peppermint essential oil. 8oz.

Christmas Star & Gingerbread Man Tree.  Festively paired, both of these bars are scented with gingerbread, spiked cider and various fruits of the season such as green apple, fresh picked pear and candy crush.  

Hazelnut cappuccino. Layers of hazelnut coffee and cocoa, topped with real coffee beans.

Pumpkin Pie. Layers of pumpkin pecan waffles and butter cream. Topped with pumpkin caramel latte pumpkins.

Cool Yule. Layers of red & white made with real peppermint essential oils. Embedded with red/white soap chunks. Topped with real crushed peppermint candies.

Olaf! Layers of peppermint and vanilla butter cream. Topped with a snowman, soap shavings and iridescent glitter.

Frozen Stars. Layers of glittery blue vanilla mint topped with butter cream and read shredded coconut flakes.

Frozen Star of Arendelle! Layers of white snow and clear ice with embedded translucent blue star. Topped with whipped soap frosting & blue sparkle snowflake. Sprinkled with iridescent glitter. Scented with coconut & fruit-flavored fragrance oils.

Cocoa & Kisses! Layers of hot cocoa fragrance with real cocoa powder, kissed with a layer of cinnabun, topped with vanilla cream whipped soap frosting.

XOXOXO Lips! A sparkly  clear layer sits a top a beautiful light purple lip-shaped bar. Personal-sized hand soap lips are an add-on to make the gift pack complete. 

Butterscotch Buttons!  Hints of honey & vanilla cream surround shimmery butterscotch bubbles. Accented with vanilla curlicue embeds and adorned with shreds of iridescent glitter.

Butterscotch Buttons brown sugar scrub. Scented with hints of honey & vanilla. Garnished with a real Madagascar vanilla bean bathing in a pool of shimmering oil on top.

Alpine Frost Man Soap. Eucalyptus essential oil & green tea leaves with just a touch of Alpine Frost fragrance oil. Clean, green manly soap!

Cool Water Man Soap.  Blue "Cool Water" man soap. Scented with Cool Water cologne, this layered bar includes a clear top layer with sparing Caribbean blue mica and a solid cement blue scrubbing layer with coffee bean grounds for exfoliation.


Sparkly soap-on-a rope scrubbies! Real scrubbies embedded in clear glycerin soap base with cosmetic glitter and fragrance oil. Kid-approved scents: grapefruit orange cranberry, cucumber melon, berry bubble gum and orange cranberry candy crush.


  1. Everything looks fantastic! I wish I could be there to smell it all, because I'm sure it is HEAVENLY! <3

    1. Thank you Tera! Such kind words and encouragement! I truly appreciate you!

  2. These ROCK!!! Beautiful and FUN!!!! <3

  3. Do you have any Castile soap without coconut products in it?

    1. My soap bases are glycerin and goats milk base. HTH!

  4. Oh wow i am very amazed! Makes me want to learn how to make my own soap for fun!!!

    1. Thank you Justine! Making soap is one of the most fun things I have ever done!! I appreciate you stopping by!