3 Boys & 3D Lashes

Psssst....hey y'all.....I could not have a blog without a page dedicated to one of my, absolute favorite product lines - Younique Make-up!

I was hooked on the 3D Fiber Lashes, but have fallen in love with the entire make up line. This is no joke! Just look at my lashes before and after. This is me being vulnerable here...real life, no photo-shop, just me!

You can see that without the 3D-Fiber lashes I have invisible, undetectable, non-existent eye-lashes. But after the mascara...WOW...Ca-UTE, right!?

Now, I'm a southern girl...and we have a code of ethics down here, but I'm about to break it and share another little secret with you...I turned the big "4-0" this year! Yep...you read that right, FORTY.

As much as I'd like to hate that number, I don't. I'm owning it. You know what they say, "It's better than the alternative," right?

Instead of cowering under that number, I've decided I am going to represent it well...with a capital "W" for WOW!

I am telling you, from the mood-struck minerals eye-shadow pigments... to the soft-rich precision eye and lip pencils that don't tug or pull on the tender parts of your eyes...to the shiny, but not sticky lucrative lip glosses - I love Younique. 

If you are ready to get your lashes on, click THIS LINK to visit my site or send me a message and I will be delighted to get you started!

Love and lashes,


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