Friday, March 7, 2014

Caption This to Earn 5 Chances at a Free Pattern Pack

Caption THIS Contest!

 Spring Break is next week for the "3 Boys."
 Let's have some fun and kick off  our vacation with a "Caption This" contest! 

(Caption This Photo in Blog Comments)

Prize Package!

3 patterns of your choice from 3 Boys & A Ball of Yarn's Ravelry or Craftsy Shop. 

Earn  5 Chances to Win...

1.  Caption this photo in the blog comments below- 2 points
2.  "Join this Site" blog button - 1 point
3.  Sign up to receive email updates - 1 point
4. Be a 3B&BY Facebook Fan- 1 point


  1. I've got a pocketful of sunshine ! ( i am Mia M. ) :)

  2. Ah Ha ! Can you guess what I'm going to make with this yummy yarn? (Sally Korneychuk)

  3. "Pft, who says yarn isn't edible!?"

  4. I'm about ready to start another minion hat. Can you feel my excitement?

  5. Yes! I can make these in yellow :)

  6. sooooooo my doctor told me to get more fibre in my diet, this counts, right? I even made it look like food!

  7. Making my own sunshine for my vacation. Just in case.