Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bring on Fall! Bring on Savings!

Fall is my favorite time of year!! 
After sweltering in the Tx heat for 3 long months, that first cool day is extremely energizing!
Soon to follow is the aroma of pumpkin spice...leaves changing colors... and the holidays.  

Ok, I'll admit it...that's not the only reason Autumn is my favorite. 
I also turned 40 this year (cringe) and I am hot...ALL.THE.TIME. 
I'm not talking "luke" warm or daintily glowing. 
I'm talking ON FIRE from the inside out...sweat dripping from every pore on my body...cold showers and changing clothes multiple times a day...and, yes, I've been known to shove bags of frozen vegetables in areas no veggie should every be (so sorry for that visual)! 

My misery is YOUR gain! 
I am ushering in Fall with open arms, fingers crossed and a 

Here's the deal... 
Buy this top selling Scarecrow Set for $5.99
(Includes boy and girl hair options, hat, leggies, shorties with suspenders and sunflower)

And get this Johnny AppleSeed Set for FREE
(Includes Hat, leggies and diaper cover)

Click on this RAVELRY link to purchase. 
No code necessary. 
Just put the Scarecrow set in your cart and the AppleSeed set will automatically be included!
(Through Saturday, August 16)

Here's to an early Fall and being crafty! 
Enjoy and share (pretty please)! 

If you haven't already died of cuteness overload, here are a few more pics...


  1. Because I feel and understand the hot sizzling heat you feel, and because the patterns are adorable. I say AMEN, Sista! Oh, and I bought the patterns.

  2. I love you Cindi Berry! That is all! <3