Friday, November 14, 2014

Battle of the Stitches: Competitors 3 & 4!

I am SUPER excited to tell you who the next two competitors are in

Although she doesn't know it,  
Rebecca from Desert Diamond Crochet is one of my all-time favorite designers!
Rebecca is well known for her amazing Character hats, but she's ready to keep you guessing as she decides on something unique to design for this round.  In round 3, she designed the beautiful Braided Scoodie Wrap!
Competitor #4 is Ms.Stacey from of Busting Stitches!
Stacey has been knitting and crocheting for three years.
She also spins and dyes yarn!
It's going to be hard to top her Round 3 design of the Winter Princess Dress & Hat!
It was definitely one of my favorites!
So there you have it...the first four returning competitors have been revealed!
Only two more returning challengers are left before moving on to the new participants.
Who do you think they will be?
Love and best stitches,


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