Sunday, November 16, 2014

Battle of the Stitches - Competitors 5 & 6 Announced

Did you hear! Battle of the Stitches competitors 5 and 6 have been announced!
First up is Donna from Articles of a Domestic Goddess

Donna learned basic crochet stitches when she was 8, but when her children were born, she was inspired crochet more proficiently.
She began selling her finished crocheted items about 2 years ago, and about a year in, she realized her love for designing.
Since then, she’s put out 35 patterns and that number is steadily rising!
Competitor #6 is Jacqualyn from The Crafty Geekette!
Jacqualyn is a legacy crafter!
Both her mother and grandmother being talented crafters and creators.
She has a hodgepodge of craft talents, but her absolute favorite thing to do is design.
If you like Ami, you will want to check out her "Always Deer" pattern in Ravelry!

So the first six competitors have been announced.
There are six more to go.
Are you getting excited yet! I know I am!
Be sure you visit their sites and "like" them so you don't miss a moment of the competition.
Also, be sure to follow Battle of the Stitches FaceBook page for games and prizes!
I hope you have a fantastic weekend and stay tuned for the remaining six participants to be announced next week!
Love and best stitches,

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